Group Training

At Core Speed and Agility, you'll find a variety of fun, challenging group exercises and conditioning classes to sculpt and shape your body. There's something for everyone at every fitness level.
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Sport Specific Training

Our Sport Specific Training Program is exclusive to each individual participant. The program will focus on developing an individual's speed specific to their chosen sport or activity.
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Personal Training

Based on your previous fitness history we will design and implement workout program specifically for your needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, learn how to become more physically fit, train for your favorite activity or to reduce your risk of injury, a personalized fitness program from Core Speed Training is your answer. Don't wait. Call now. Your body will thank you for it.
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Team Training

The SPC Training Program is a specifically designed program based on the wants and needs of your team.
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"Core Speed Training has taken my game to a whole new level. I have never felt stronger, quicker and more explosive. Not only has Core transformed my physical game but I am more mentally prepared that I have ever been. I am ready for my 5th professional season because of Core!"

John Madden, New York Mets

"I love the energy and results that I have seen. The COREfit class is exciting and fun."

Joy, Orlando

"Andre really works us out hard and keeps everyone in the class really motivated. I feel a major improvement from when I first started."

Jr. Sosa, Orlando

"Thanks to Core I am 100% ready for the up and coming season. I have become a better all around athlete because of Andre's training and I will defiantly be back at Core after this season!"

Omir Santos, New York Mets